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Melissa Blackall

I consider myself a storyteller at heart. I use my diverse artistic background (playwriting, directing, filmmaking, and of course photography) during every shoot. After graduating film school at NYU, I spent two years in AmeriCorps NCCC. I wrote a play for the organization and performed it while serving at various non-profits in the US. Infected with wanderlust, I then moved to Alaska where I continued to write and develop my photography skills.

I started Melissa Blackall Photography in 2007. I’ve been living my dream of being a full-time artist ever since.

I have a passion for finding and capturing authentic interactions. Whether I’m shooting for a corporate client, artist, non-profit or family, I look for genuine moments. I find endless beauty in capturing what connects us to what we do and who we love. I’m fascinated by relationships and the invisible cord that connects things or people.

I’m also dedicated to exploring relationships within and to nature. This passion led to pursuing environmental photography and filmmaking. You can see my environmental photography here:

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